Monday, August 16, 2010

Presenting RGT by Rogue Territory

RGT is an extension of Rogue Territory but focuses on more than just denim. It’s a full collection of tops and bottoms, outerwear and accessories. The line has modern fits and styles with a touch of vintage Americana and a touch of military influence. I’ve spent a lot a time making sure that the attention to detail and time that I put into RT has been put into RGT. You’ll see modern and vintage sewing techniques implemented throughout. Each year I’ll highlight a cool deadstock or vintage military print. The first fabric I chose is a deadstock 1950s German Paramilitary Raindrop Cammo. It will be highlighted throughout the line as pocket lining, shirts, pants, shorts and hidden patch pockets.

Bottoms -
Infantry Pant and Shorts -
1950s deadstock German Paramilitary Cammo
Inseam and side seam are feld seams
Interior Reinforced Seat
5th pocket in front right pocket
3 Cargo pockets 1 welt pocket
Fly extension is lined

Officers Pant -
Brown broken twill
Inseam and side seam are feld seams
5th pocket in front right pocket
Fly extension is lined

Blue and White Strip Athletic Fabric
Woven twill made in the USA lots of texture
Inseam and side seam are feld seams
5th pocket in front right pocket
Fly extension is lined

Fatigue Pants and shorts
Natural and dark indigo selvage
Both pants and shorts will be selvage
4 patch pockets 2 front, 2 back
Exterior reinforced seat

Jeans - 2 fits, skinny and slim straight
Denim - Dark Indigo selvage, Natural selvage, Grey selvage -
there will be 3 washes and 1 raw indigo
Natural selvage will be raw
Grey selvage will be offered raw and washed
Jeans will have hidden rivets on back pockets
Selvage on fly and coin pocket
Left pocket lining is raindrop cammo right is natural twill

All rivets and buttons are custom.

Tops -
All triple needle stitched seams
Collar stand extension
Fabrics used
Light weight oxfords
French Oxfords
A few different weights or Chambray
Cotton lawn
Thanks To Karl for keeping me in the loop with what looks like an amazing new line! Check out a few more key looks over at the RG Blog!


CWAC said...

Cheer up RGT model! Great looking stuff.

Ryan said...

CWAC- hahaha.... he's pissed cause he doesnt get to keep it all! I know would be...

Rogue Territory said...

Haha yea Johnny had already worked a 12 hour day so he was a little tired. It's alright though because he makes the clothes look sick.