Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WHARF - Marine Canvas Duffels

These bags are really simple, really well made, and a really unique color... A little lighter in color than normal duck canvas and with a really nice contrast white zipper, these will get some serious mileage in the coming season, including the Feb trip to Mexico... Thanks Rob, keep up the great work!

Hand cut and sewn in Rhode Island, Available at 


Chris said...

Feeling the Horween footpads

Daniel Cummings said...

These look great. Robs doing some great stuff.

Ian said...

How large are these? The specs listed on wharf are:

Small: 9“x9x“16”
Medium: 10“x13“x19”
Large: 13“x13“x22”

That seems a bit off... any further explanation. Thanks in advance

robert said...

Hi Ian,

Hope you like the bags! How can we help clarify the sizing for you? Shoot us an email at service_at_shopwharf.com if you have further questions.