Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Outerwear Options

 Filson x Levis Trucker Jacket
Vintage Woolrich Chamois Shirt
The Hill-Side Blanket Tie
 wings+horns Wool Vest
Levi's Denim Shirt
The Hill-Side Tie
 Polo Fischer Quilted Jacket
Levi's Denim Trucker
Left Field Hooded Sweatshirt
The Hill-Side Dobby Wool Scarf
 Fjallraven Greenland Parka
Sunny Sports Chambray
J.Crew Fleece
Pierrepont Hicks Tie
 3sixteen Toggle Coat
WHARF Gingham
J.Crew Ludlow Suit Jacket
Gitman Bros. Knit Tie

Gant Rugger Homerun Jacket
Rugby Oxford
The Hill-Side Tie and Scarf

**Holy shit I wear a lot of Hill-Side accessories...


Andrew Becherer said...

I have that Filson x Levis Trucker Jacket and it is my current favorite piece of outerwear. It does run slim but not as bad as the comments on make it out. At 6'2" and 195 lbs a large Levi's type III Trucker Jacket fits me with room to spare while the Filson x Levis Trucker Jacket in large approaches a glove fit.

I have gotten a number of compliments on the jacket from friends as well as shopkeepers at Blackbird Ballard and the Seattle Levi's Store (neither of whom stock stock this constantly back ordered piece). It is the perfect trucker style jacket for the Pacific Northwest.

David P. Hanesana said...

looks like you have all your bases covered when it comes to outerwear. styling is excellent btw

Antti Ja Taru said...

In finnish winter you don't do nothing with these.

Ryan E. Plett said...

Antti- yeah these aren't meant to be the only thing I wear... just some of what I wear... the Fjallraven has been the go-to on cold days, like during the blizzard last week...

But yeah, I'm sure Chi has nothing on Finland, although I'll come hit some slopes with ya!

Brad said...

I have been on the fence about that Filson x Levis jacket for a couple of months now. Concerned about its look in the spring-which is fast approaching; even with the fresh 2" of snow we got today in the south!

Ryan E. Plett said...

Brad, as far as the look, I loved mine in the fall, but I can see your point towards the lack of this "fitting in" with most spring looks...

It is on the wamer side of jackets due to the breathability of the oil cloth, but I think it's still going to be a great chilly/rainy day jacket for me... but yeah, overall - Killer Fall Jacket.

d3n1m said...

I have the trucker jacket too. And I would not call it outerwear. Why not? It is not waterproof because of the stitching. But hey who cares? I love it.

KILKN said...

If only my area got cold enough to put a wardrobe like this to good use. Southern California doesn't provide the temperature needed for layering and outerwear style :(

unitedstyle said...

I tried on the Filson trucker jacket yesterday at my local Levis. Damn that thing was tight. Definitely need to size up, but they were out of the next size.

nostyle said...

some guy asked me what size mine was at the flea... he had had to return his apparently, medium too small. i'm tall and trim but needed an L.

i've been trying to fit it into my winter wardrobe as much as possible.

nothing wrong with some hill side haberdashery as well...big fan