Monday, May 9, 2011


WHARF Gingham bd
Rogue Territory Stantons - 10 months in
Cause and Effect Natural belt
BillyKirk - Triple Wrap
Alden x Leathersoul PTB in Snuff
Watch - mysterious...


Philip said...

Why the suspense??

Ryan E. Plett said...

because you can't buy it yet.

nhollingsworth said...

Epaulet did a button down using that same fabric. How is the fit on the Wharf shirting?

Ryan E. Plett said...

I like it a lot, great fit in the chest, slim but not constricting and the length is great for a little longer torso... but that being said, never tried on an Epaulet shirt, so I can't really compare... but I do know Mike makes great shit.

Philip said...

Is it the new explorer II??

DM said...

Would you recommend Baldwin or Rogue Territory for raw selvedge denim? Or another brand? I'm ready to move up from APC's.