Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Suede Summer

Alden x Unionmade - these are quickly becoming one of my favorite shoes for spring/summer.  Comfortable, simple and elegant at the same time, and blue suede... what's not to like.  I'll get some styled looks out soon; but for the most part been wearing Save Khaki Utility Khakis with these and occasionally the RK's.


Things Is Cool said...

Great shots. Did you treat them before wearing? If so, with what?

Ryan E. Plett said...

naa... but thinking about it... probably just a Kiwi or something, leather water proof spray

Alexander said...

stop. taunting. me.

ps ryan, do you want my navy cordo duckie brown longwings 10.5d?

Ryan E. Plett said...

Haha, I had the 11's and they didn't fit so I gave them away... I would wear them, but probably shouldn't buy them again! Ha

Roofrack said...

Do these fit true to size or would sizing down a half size be more appropriate?


Alexander said... you have any recommendations on how to magically transform them into whiskey shell alden longwings?--though i'm still not convinced that they are interchangeable with the jcrew tobacco longwings.