Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baldwin in NYC | Day 1 - Prep

Day one in NYC is the unflattering tasks of unpacking, hanging, placing marketing, writing up notes, numbers, the tasks are simple but the amount of prep aids in the success for tomorrows rush... I was quite surprised to see the amount of empty booths with zero merch in them.  Maybe NYC brands that don't need as much leeway, who knows.

As far as the setup, I think the simplicity of the new collection made the setup quite easy, and I'm excited to see the response... Some quality American staples and a few tricks thrown in.  Super excited on the belts... the rest arrives tomorrow and I'll get some snaps and looks... for tonight we are off to Brooklyn for food and drinks... from here on out it will be inappropriate tweets and pics on Instagram.


Shaun said...

Their shit looks nice. Can't wait to see it in person. Per usual, nice shots Ryan.

Mat said...

i'd love to be involved with something like this