Thursday, October 13, 2011

Outlier at Connect Chicago

Had a great time chatting about the new garments, amazing fabrics, and touring the New York office and finding excuses to drink.  Thanks again guys, everyone be on the lookout for awesome stuff from Outlier.


Evan said...

That cherry blossom tie is the dopeness, and looks so familiar. Any idea where it's from>

Ryan E. Plett said...

I believe it's vintage... Noah?

Nicholas said...
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Nicholas said...

fellas you spend lots of money on your clothes to look like a man. How about you learn to drink like a man. Pabst is utter shit and if you are going to ask someone to shell out a grand for a shirt why not give him a real beer i.e. something that doesnt taste like swag and come in a can.

Joe Mair said...

I agree with Nicholas for the most part; I am so tired of seeing PBR consumed by men and women of (otherwise) good taste. However, I disagree with the comment on cans. There are many great craft breweries doing cans: Oskar Blues, Six Point, and Sly Fox to name three. Plus, cans seal better, protect against the damaging effects of sunlight, are highly recyclable and require less resources to produce.



I love the velvet pants with little skull.
Do you the brand ?


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