Saturday, December 10, 2011

Looks: Aspesi | Down Dry Blazer

One of my new favorite pickups of the fall/winter is this blazer from Aspesi.  Simple tailored fit, no logos or craziness, and warm as hell.  Navy is especially nice as it's nearly black and goes with almost anything in my closet.

  • Alden for Unionmade Yorke Boots
  • Rogue Territory Stanton (brand new, hence the stiffness)
  • Wharf Wares Club collar Oxford
  • The Hill-Side Tie
  • Aspesi - Bob Dry Blazer - Medium (I'm 6'1"- 175lbs)
*Shout out to Duncan for the shots; look for some big things coming from us in the video world soon!


iliketurtles said...

Looks great. What size on the blazer?

Nicole Guarascio said...


The Lyle said...

You should have bought the large.

Ryan E. Plett said...

Lyle- why would should I have done that?

Things Is Cool said...

Really sharp.

The Lyle said...

If you look at the last pic you can see the jacket stretching at the button point. It looks too snug.

Ryan E. Plett said...

yeah, it's the light weight fabric... I've got a thick t-shirt and a heavy oxford on and I'm kind of tilted... When I button the top two buttons it fits pretty nice... just looks kind of weird in certain photos... a large wouldn't fit my shoulders.

chris said...

it look nice. I like the fabric, need one size up. Jacket is hot.