Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Favorites | Honolulu Time

While visiting Hawaii I had the pleasure of meeting with David from Honolulu Time, we had a great dinner, drinks, and viewed enough vintage pieces for all of us to wear several per wrist.  During dinner and a visit to the store we decided to share with you guys a few of my favorite watches, and hopefully even more on a regular basis. 

David is not only a watch guy, he's the son of a watch guy.  I learned so much in less than one day about vintage, buying, trusting dealers, and now we hope to bring you some awesome vintage buys here on the site on a frequent basis.  If you ever ever have questions or are interested in the watches you see here, or even one's you're looking for hit up David at HNL Time. Tell them Ryan sent you.

18k yellow gold GMT Rootbeer 
Model # 1675
Features: GMT functions for two timezones, 1969 watch, Rootbeer Nipple Dial, for an added touch the original owner switched the bezel to the two tone color bezel. I think it looks great like this.

Rolex Submariner 
Model # 5513
Features: 1960's model with nice dark patina. Original Matte Dial.

1979 GMT Stainless Steel w/ Red & Blue Bezel (Pepsi)
Model #1675
Features:  nice patina on dial and very nicely faded bezel. Original rolex rivet bracelet

Explorer II (Steve McQueen)
Model # 1655
Features: All original with very nice patina. 

Submariner pointed guard
Model # 5512
Features: All original, Very rare dial with minute tracker, two color gilt, and underline. Pointed guard case

Daytona 1968
Model # 6239
Features: All original with Rivet Bracelet


Scott Nelson said...

rolex submariner. my favorite classic, although im partial to the datejust. but nothing beats a vintage rolex timepiece.