Thursday, April 5, 2012

Incase | DSLR Pro Pack

If you've followed this blog, my twitter, instagram, and any other social interaction, you know I've been on a very long search to find an attractive and functional camera bag forever.  Well that search is finally over, and I couldn't be more pleased.  A few months ago, Incase released a line of sleek camera bag collection and I was instantly drawn to DSLR Pro Pack and the simple clean design and gray fiber material. Laptop and ipad sleeves, tons of room for at least 5 lens and two bodies, and NO CHEESY ASS LOGOS everywhere.  The zippers are great, and there are little pulls and catches that hold everything down and make the pack fit really nicely on the back.  The bag is a little Vis-Vim meets Outlier in my opinion, cleanliness and functional is what I wanted and that's what the line delivers.  I'll be following up with more on the road.


One Man's Style said...

Nice bag Ryan, I like that heathered fabric...they did a great job with the minimalist design.

Nokadota said...

I recently purchased a heathered backpack from Incase when they had their 45% sale. I couldn't be happier with this bag. I was *finally* able to retire my (nearly) 10-year-old Timberland backpack.

I absolutely love Incase and have been using their laptop bags for almost a year now.

ぐりちゃん said...

The bag is great, nice layout and design, but for the price you would think they would make it waterproof or at least have a rain cover like the Ari bag.