Thursday, November 15, 2012

Visual Process - Velosmith Fitting

Most people assume you buy a bike, jump on, and ride away... Velosmith wants their riders to ride a bike that fits you and your riding.  Going through this process myself, I can assure you that your bike has a multitude of changes, adjustments, and these subtleties make your ride more enjoyable and your body more efficient. So far my rides this year have been way more productive and way less painful (horrible knees after college running) due to the changes of a new frame and fitting. Look for more stuff here in the coming weeks with Velo and riding in general.


Colin B said...

Super pumped for more of these posts...I am just looking into getting into riding, and im excited for your insight and experiences. I am just hoping I can find somewhere around here to fit me properly...not a lot of options unfortunately.

JSP said...

This is great coverage and VeloSmith is methodical and we are glad to see it in the Chicagoland area. We reposted on our blog.

Thank you for all the great imagery and showcasing this community of cyclist. Keep up the awesome works!

- Jonathan Shaun
Designer/Founder ||| Nonetheless Garments